SOulFULL Roll® creatively flows you through yoga asanas while using a foam roller as a tool throughout the class to help assist or enhance your practice and to break up the myofascial in your body. It is the perfect mind/body recovery maintenance, your regularly scheduled exercise regimen has been missing.

Don’t wait until you’re broken physically or mentally.

Now, with SOulFULL Roll®, you don’t have to!


SOulFULL Roll® is for everyone and EVERY BODY! Our all inclusive, one love philosophy shines through in every SOulFULL practice we curate, just like our laugh lines, cellulite and beautiful ROLLS (pun intended) do in the photos we purposeFULLy choose to share with all of you .

“Beauty is in the eye of the believer.”

Join us in a SOulFULL Roll® practice today

and start believing in your own unique beautiful light.


With Constant growth and change, SOulfull roll® is proud of the ALL brands we have worked with. past, present and future!

If you are interested in licensing or hosting

soulfull roll®

at your studio, gym or festival retreat, just email us Here!

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