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The SOulFULL Roll curriculum was created by dancers and Yogi’s, Theresa Marie and Shayne Rocha and is the first of its kind to combine foam rolling and yoga. We creatively flow through and elevate yoga postures from a standard floor practice, by using the foam roller as a prop throughout our asana flows.  The foam roller is used as a prop/tool to either enhance certain postures or assist you in them for more accessibility.  The foam roller aids as a tool to help prepare the different muscle groups used in a particular yoga posture, as well as assist you in active recovery directly after holding a posture.  We roll through and release myofascial, toxins/stagnate blood, and deeply stretch muscles for better mobility.  The SOulFULL Roll practice promotes faster body/muscle recovery, and helps to alleviate pain caused by overworking the body with physical activity and day to day activity.  We have found our method to be extremely effective, often resulting in our students seeing a rapid improvement in their flexibility, strength and mobility in their practice and their daily lives. Check out our calendar below to come check out a class for yourself.


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It is one of our greatest joys to be able to provide the healing powers of SOulFULL Roll to so many beautiful people, that are working with many different companies to create tremendous impact on a global scale. It is an honor to be a one of the guiding lights to these companies and their employees by helping them create the time they deserve for themselves and their bodies to recover from the day to day stressors of their careers and lives.
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