Community: A group of people living in the same place. A feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests and goals.

SOulFULL Roll loves ALL the love so many different forms of yoga are getting around the world. We recognize our brand of foam rolling yoga is unique and appreciate all the love we have been receiving from yoga blogs and people open minded to try and roll with a new form of yoga. Special thank you to @ethereal_yoga14 for featuring us in her blog this month. Check out our feature and lots of other amazing yogi how to’s and more on Mia’s website.

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The SOulFULL brand takes on the "It Takes A Village" mentality in all we do.  We know that anyone trying to push change in the world for the better is going to need to overcome many obstacles and hurdle over several barriers on that journey.  We also know that it is still important to proceed forward and try to be the change we wish to see in the world.  We hold a very sacred place in our hearts for the people that makeup the community in our SOulFULL village and help us be the change we wish to see in this beautiful world we share.  Any one person or brand mentioned here on our community page has helped us take our first steps in creating a safe and healing place for ALL and a world FULL of love and light!  We could never thank you enough, but THANK YOU!

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The stunning photography captured on this site was largely in part  to this beautiful woman and photographer.  Ashley Petersen, thank you from the bottom of our souls for capturing all the magical feels that day on the mountain, this website radiates with your talent and energy!  Check out Ashley's work and book a session with her by clicking the link below.



SOulFULL Roll™ is proud to be sponsored by IntelliRoll, the first anatomically designed foam roller contoured to release pressure in all the hard-to-reach areas of your body.  SOulFULL is excited to combine the first ever and one-of-a- kind recovery training curriculum combining aligning yoga postures and foam rolling for a divine and unique flow style class, offered to you on founders Theresa Marie and Shayne Rocha's personal favorite foam roller, the IntelliRoll.  

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SOulFULL Roll®

Would like to thank Lorna Jane for partnering with us and allowing us to not only bring our classes into different Lorna Jane store fronts, but for also providing discounts on all your active wear for all our amazing students and teachers practicing SOulFULL Roll®.

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SOulFULL Roll® is so grateful to this badass woman (Ayogabs) for always coming through and DJ’ing live for our classes and workshops! The energy, love and all around dope vibes she brings to the SOulFULL practice is unparalleled.  Ayogabs is a faithful SOulFULL Roll® student herself, and is featured on our instagram (SOulFULLRoll) during our privates. Click the AYOGABS logo below to access her work!