Want To Become A Certified

SOulFULL Roll® Instructor?

The SOulFULL Roll® Teacher TraininG Program is perfect for you then. this is an opportunity to expand your journey, play and ROLL through a uniquely crafted curriculum, appreciating the integrity and healing powers of foam rolling and yoga. You will be guided through how to safely use and teach yoga asanas on a foam roller and all of the benefits attached to practicing yoga with a foam roller as a tool to enhance or assist you. You will tap into ancient teachings while learning to craft your own one-of-a-kind SOulFULL Roll® courses.  In your SOulFULL Roll® teacher training you will receive one-on-one instruction demonstrating various postures, class sequences and meditations.  This individual coaching will allow you as a new instructors to deepen your students, as well as your own spiritual and physical yoga practice while learning how to safely lead people on the foam roller so they may experience all the added benefits.