Friends since middle school, Theresa Marie and Shayne bonded over their love for dance and music.  As they grew, they remained close, forever connected, even with geographical distance between them.  Shayne became a well known hair stylist in Northern California and started a family, giving birth to two beautiful children (two of Theresa’s favorite little humans on this planet).  Theresa focused on a dance and creative direction career allowing her to work with celebrities such as Lady Gaga and Rosario Dawson as well as companies like the Feld Entertainment and Toyota. As their strong bond and friendship continued, they discovered they both shared a deep love for the healing arts, particularly foam rolling, yoga and meditation.  Having certifications in Aireal Yoga and Buti Yoga, as well as having attended many foam rolling courses, they both continually expand in their individual fitness and yoga education regularly.  When they began incorporating foam-rolling exercises into their daily individual yoga practice, in response to health issues/injuries, they noticed the great healing powers those two art forms coming together had on their bodies.  This new discovery gave Theresa and Shayne increased wellbeing while combining two of their favorite practices, yoga and foam rolling. Later, they realized they wanted to increase the body/mind challenge of their creation with meditations and share the intense healing experience with others.  Having no other sources available that combined these unique forms of exercise and healing in a fluid class, they decided to create their own curriculum, with their exclusive brand, SOulFULL Roll™.


Theresa Marie

was born and raised in the Bay Area where she fell in love with dance and danced her way to Los Angeles (in 2005). She started her fitness and wellness journey as a compliment to her career as a professional dancer. While working hard to advance her career, now Associate Creative Director with McDonald and Selznick Associates, she had the pleasure of working with companies/celebrities such as Miley Cyrus, Nickelodeon and The Ringling Brothers. During the same time, she obtained her teacher certifications in Aireal Yoga and Spin. During her career in the dance entertainment industry, Theresa has worked as a dancer, choreographer and most recently a creative director, in addition to infiltrating the fitness and yoga festival circuits with her work as a cycle and Aireal Yoga instructor. Theresa feels extremely blessed to have had the opportunity to work with many of the most beautiful body movers and physical artists in her various industries. She has now made it one of her personal missions to share her knowledge, helping others to realign themselves from within using her SOulFULL Roll™ method to achieve total wellness.


Shayne Rocha

is a writer, goal coach, yoga enthusiast, hair stylist and mama. You can find her in the Bay Area (CA) where she was born and raised. Whether it is through deep and connecting conversations over hair/beauty sessions, a sweaty yoga practice, or a hike through nature's gifts, her mission has always been to heal and hold space for wild hearts . . . to guide beings toward their highest good and soul’s truth. Shayne has been in the human connection industry since 2001 and has such a passion for inspiring others to live their best lives. Working harder rather than smarter, like so many of us, Shayne used to suffer from chronic stress. Feeling the depletion of mind-body-spirit connection, Shayne began incorporating deep yoga and meditation into her daily rituals of self-care for stress management, allowing a true reconnection with her with her soul. Gradually she added additional lifestyle changes, working toward a happier, more balanced daily flow, training and coaching her own soul while sharing the practice with others. Shayne could not be more stoked as she continues to share her co-creation, SOulFULL Roll™, with communities around the globe!