The SOulFULL Shop

The SOulFULL Shop was created by us for you. It was created to give more people the ability to access some of the healing tools founders Theresa Marie and Shayne Rocha utilize in conjunction with their SOulFULL Roll practices and separately, for their unique energy and healing properties. Every product sold in The SOulFULL Shop are products that we have personally used in our own lives/lifestyles that have had a positive impact on us in one way or another and we are sharing them with all of you in hopes you will experience similar positive impacts from the products.


Foam Rollers

WE ARE AWARE YOUR FAVORITE ROLLER (The Flexy IntelliRoll) is no longer in production by IntelliRoll and we are working tirelessly to come up with a solution and/or alternative to recommend. Meanwhile, don’t miss out on our exclusive discount to our other favorite foam rollers (The Flex and The Firm). We have tried dozens of foam rollers, and have created our SOulFULL Roll curriculum to be accessible on ANY roller. However, we are committed to providing you access, knowledge and discounts on the rollers we love best, and unfortunatley not all rollers are created equally. IntelliRoll is by far our favorite foam roller to date! Click the link below and enter “SOulFULL” at check out to receive SOulFULL Roll’s discount on your next purchase.


essential oils

We LOVE using essential oils for pretty much anything you can think of. We use during our SOulFULL Roll classes to help students with particular ailments they may be going through that day, as well as to clean our yoga mats and foam rollers after a sweaty SOulFULL Roll practice, or simply to add relaxing aroma. We are very particular about the grade of the essential oils we use, and only use the highest quality, organic oils for our practices and personal use. Click the link below to order your next batch of oils and don’t forget to ask your SOulFULL Roll teacher for the names of the oils they used in your class.


divine deeds power peaces

SOulFULL believes in the healing powers of crystals. We use them often in our SOulFULL Roll practices and wear them in our hair and in some of our daily jewelry pieces. We are proud to offer hand made one of a kind jewelry pieces made with nothing but SOulFULL energy, love and light from our very own co-founder Shayne Rocha. Click on the link below to place your custom order now or check out some of unique pieces we currently have for sale.