WHAT is SOulFULL Roll®?

SOulFULL Roll curriculum is the first of its kind to combine yoga and deep foam rolling. We creatively flow through and elevate asanas from a standard floor practice and apply them on a foam roller.  SOulFULL Roll utilizes the roller as a prop/tool to enhance and assist in postures for more accessibility.  The foam roller helps prepare and release muscles and myofascial as well as immediately assisting in recovery after holding a posture.  We roll and release toxins while deeply stretching the body for better flexability and strength for the body and mind.  Our SOulFULL Roll practice promotes faster muscle recovery, and helps to alliviate pain caused by being stagnant or overuse of our physical body.  We have found our method to be extremely supportive, often resulting in our students seeing more rapid improvement in all of they their chosen physical activity goals, and in their daily lives.


WHO can benefit by practicing SOulFULL Roll®?

 Whether you are a new yogi, playing with beginning foundations or seasoned, soul crushing your inversions, the SOulFULL Roll® practice will benefit you.  SOulFULL Roll® assists with achievement of gains and goals. Whether running after children, heavy weight lifting, fitness aerobics, CrossFitor any other physical activities, if you use our unique maintenance curriculum, you will achieve you goals faster .


WHY is SOulFULL Roll® One Of A Kind?

The first of its kind, SOulFULL Roll® is uniquely crafted to allow maximum physical efficiency and mobility while helping strengthen the mind-body connection.  Always working to prevent injuries (and, unfortunately, having some experience with injury), Shayne and Theresa developed a practice that blends the benefits of foam rolling and asanas to strengthen key muscles used for functional daily activities.  SOulFULL Roll may be practiced as a recovery, pre-workout or complete body flow to preserve body health and mobility.