WHAT is SOulFULL Roll™?

SOulFULL Roll is an enhanced healing practice created by co-founders Theresa Marie and Shayne Rocha.  This practice blends foam rolling and yoga philosophies, assisting with alignment, balance, support and strengthening of your mind and body.  The foam roller utilizes its unique dimensions and materials alongside your individual body measurements to assist in achieving a deeper stretch.  Myofascial tissue release and tension relief improve core muscle strength, mobility and alignment.  Through progressions and loving meditations, SOulFULL Roll™ bridges the gap between our physical body and spiritual connection.


WHO can benefit by practicing SOulFULL Roll™?

 Whether you are a new yogi, playing with beginning foundations or seasoned, soul crushing your inversions, this practice will benefit you.  SOulFULL Roll™ will assist with achievement of gains and goals, whether running after children, heavy weight lifting, fitness aerobics, CrossFit or any other physical activities.


WHY is SOulFULL Roll™ One Of A Kind?

The first of its kind, SOulFULL Roll™ is uniquely crafted to allow maximum physical efficiency and mobility while helping strengthen the mind-body connection.  Always working to prevent injuries (and, unfortunately, having some experience with injury), Shayne and Theresa developed a practice that blends the benefits of foam rolling and asanas to strengthen key muscles used for functional daily activities.  SOulFULL Roll may be practiced as a recovery, pre-workout or complete body flow to preserve body health and mobility.